About Simon P. Hewitt Hypnotherapist

Simon Hewitt, hypnosis, hypnotherapy in huddersfield

"One of the best things about being a Hypnotherapist is you get the opportunity to help other people change the quality of their lives." 

Simon P. Hewitt is a Huddersfield Hypnotherapist, Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Author of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Self-help Products such as: Books, Kindle eBooks, CD's and iTunes Downloads.  

Simon is also a NLP Practitioner (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) with over Ten years experiences, and has a solid healthcare background. Over twenty years experience working in the medical, surgical and mental health field.

Simon P. Hewitt was born on 29th July 1976 in South Shields, Tyne and Wear.

He has lived in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire for a number of years and graduated from the Wakefield School of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, studying under the guidance of The National Council of Hypnotherapy.

Simon is also the Author of books such as: One Blooming Dad, Teddy Bear Wizard, Perfect Wedding Package, Every Painting Tells A Story, Stick with It, which are available in WH Smith, Waterstones, eBay, and are also available to download at the Kindle Store on Amazon.

Simon's Self-help Sessions for Weight Loss, Fear of Flying, Relaxation, Improve Your golf, Tinnitus Relief and Fibromyalgia Relief are also available to download at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play & more!

His interest and research into weight loss inspired him to create a new kind of slimming CD which helps re-programme and exercise your subconscious mind, changing the way you see yourself. Giving you a sense of personal achievement, allowing yourself to take control and change your life for the better. The CD is called "CARDIO within the MIND" which, has been tried and tested on different subjects up and down the country with fantastic results.

He also developed TES (Triangle Eating Structure) which teaches the basic principles of communicating between your mind and tummy, which helps to structurally balance your food intake.

Simon performs the Comedy Hypnosis Show to enlighten and empower the audience and volunteers, while demonstrating the amazing power of our imagination, they are guaranteed to have a great time watching or participating in an amazing show.

Simon has helped so many people change the quality of their lives, he hopes his vast experience combined with his knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy will enlighten and empower his clients.  

Bringing Therapy Home

Your hypnotherapist works on a home-visit basis, helping you to achieve your desired results from the comfort and relaxation of your own home, without the need to travel to an unfamiliar environment. Evenings and weekends appointments available in Huddersfield and West Yorkshire Area.


You can pay before each session in cash or by cheque. All payments must be made prior to each session. There may be discounts if you pay for several sessions in advance. Hypnotherapy Treatment starts from £70 per session. Fees can be discussed at your initial free consultation.

To get in touch and arrange your own personal one to one therapy sessions, please visit our Contact Page for further information.