Healing Back Pain Naturally

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There are many different ways to help treat back pain and sciatica, but in some cases treatment is not always necessary, as the condition can and often does improve naturally within about six weeks.

However, if your symptoms are severe or persistent, you may want to consider hypnotherapy as an effective way to help you to relax your body or the pain pressure areas of the body, helping you to take control and manage the pain.

Hypnotherapy works well alongside conservative treatments, such as medication and physiotherapy, and in most cases has proven to be effective. There are a small number of cases, where surgery maybe recommended to correct the problem in your spine that is thought to be causing your symptoms. Hypnotherapy can help as a pain relief after surgery to support your recovery.

There are many things that hypnotherapy can do to help reduce troublesome sciatica and back pain symptoms. These include:

Helping you to build your confidences: In some cases, the pain and change in lifestyle can be mentally challenging. Not just for you, but for loved ones around you, this can often affect our self-esteem.

Anger management and pain relief: You are aware that pain is not a nice experience, and it greatly affects our mood. Anger is a defence mechanism, away in which we try to protect ourselves from unacceptable or harmful stimuli, but anger does not protect us from pain, it increases our anxiety causing muscle tension, which makes our pain worst. Defence mechanisms are unconscious reactions; using relaxation techniques that help to reduce anxiety will potentially reduce other symptoms such as, irritation, aggression, frustration, nervousness which affect our mood causing us to become angry.

Motivation and positive attitude: It is very important that you remain as physically active as possible, hypnotherapy can help to boost your energy levels and give you the motivation and positive attitude to continue doing simple exercises, such as walking and gentle stretching, which can help physically reduce the severity of your symptoms and strengthen the muscles that support your back or the area of discomfort.

Bed rest may provide some temporary pain relief and comfort, but prolonged bed rest is often considered unnecessary and unhelpful. Our aim is to help mentally support you through your recovery working with Physiotherapist and GP's to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. 

Why Choose Simon to Help You?

I had experienced back pain and sciatica for several months, which was so severe that it almost resulted in surgery. I was unable to walk without the support of a walking stick and it had changed my lifestyle and my family's lives. It was mentally, physically and emotionally challenging, but with the help of my GP, physiotherapist and self-hypnosis techniques I had overcome one of the most horrific experiences of my life.


For those of you who are suffering from back pain or sciatica, I can honestly say that I am fully aware of what you are experiencing and understand the journey you will take through your recovery. I am a survivor and I can help you.


P.S. I no longer use a walking stick and my life is almost 100% back to normal.


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Recommended amount 6 Sessions.


1 in 3 people suffer with chronic pain at some point in their life, whether it is an arm, hand, leg or back. If you experience pain or discomfort contact your GP.

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