Overcoming Nerves, Driving Test in Huddersfield

simon hewitt hypnotherapy in huddersfield, driving test nerves

Over a million people took their driving test in the UK last year.

Most people do not fail their driving test because of lack of driving ability or knowledge of the Highway Code; they fail because of driving test nerves and anxiety that builds up days before and during the test.


Simon can mentally and emotionally prepare you for the test date, using Hypnotherapy, Visualisation Techniques & Breathing Exercises to help you feel confident, calmer and more focused during your driving test.


You have already learned to drive a car. You have already learned the Highway Code.


Let Simon help you learn how to take control of your nerves and anxiety in Huddersfield, helping you to be more successful in passing your driving test in Huddersfield.


You can pay before each session in cash or by cheque. All payments must be made prior to each session. There may be discounts if you pay for several sessions in advance. Hypnotherapy Treatment starts from £50 per session. Fees can be discussed at your initial free consultation.


To get in touch and arrange your own personal one to one therapy sessions for driving test in Calderdale, please visit our Contact Page for further information.