Hypnosis for Children

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Hypnotherapy is an easy way to stop children thumb-sucking.

Thumb sucking is a behaviour that involves placing the thumb into the mouth and rhythmically sucking for a prolonged period.
It is considered to be soothing and therapeutic for the child. Children will usually develop a "favourite" finger or thumb to suck on.
A baby learns sucking reflex to engage with breastfeeding, they learn the "habit" not only provides valuable nourishment, but a great deal of comfort and warmth. Thumb sucking generally stops by the age of 5 years. Dentists recommend that parent's break this "habit" as early as possible as it can permanently damage teeth. Parents are concerned that a child is sucking their thumb in public maybe a vulnerable victim to School / children bullying.    

Hypnosis and Children

Hypnosis for children in Huddersfield. Children are usually excellent at hypnosis, as they spend most of their time in a daydream state which is like being hypnotized.

A child's mind is open to new learning and experiences. Most children over the age of 5 can use hypnosis to focus and easily relax. Simon uses special techniques, playing games and creative storytelling to help the child understand and successfully change the "habit" and stop thumb sucking or biting nails. Hypnosis is a wonderful experience for children, it can help strengthen their confidences and empower them to feel happier within their lives. One of the most common issues is using hypnosis for children with anxiety.


Simon is DBS Checked and has been working with children for several years. Parents can be present always during the consultation and sessions. Each session is tailored to suit your Child's needs.

How many sessions will my child need?

2-3 sessions depending on the severity of the issues, this also includes a free back up session should your child require one, within 1-month period. 

How can I pay?

You can pay before each session in cash or by cheque. All payments must be made prior to each session. There may be discounts if you pay for several sessions in advance. Hypnotherapy Treatment starts from £70 per session. Fees can be discussed at your initial free consultation.

To get in touch and arrange your own personal one to one therapy sessions, please visit our Contact Page for further information.