How Does Hypnotherapy Work

Weight Loss / Management Session

simon hewittt weight loss / lose weight huddersfield west yorkshire

Experience the care and support of our Professional Weight Management Consultant Simon P. Hewitt who will help you to take back control of your eating habits.  The hypnotherapy sessions are designed to help you approach losing weight from a different perspective, helping you to lose weight and keep it off for the long term.  Using Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques that offer a quick and easy way to make significant lifestyle changes, you will start losing weight straight away!   

Panic Attack / Anxiety / Stress-relief Session

simon hewitt panic attack, anxiety, stress relief, huddersfield west yorkshire

Panic disorder is sometimes referred to as panic anxiety disorder, some people have sudden and usually brief periods of intense fear, and their panic attacks seem to strike without warning.
Here are many physical symptoms which my clients have experience during an attack:

Shortness of breath or the inability to breathe deeply

Racing pulse
Heart palpitations and chest pain
Dizziness or feeling faint
Shaking or trembling
Fear of dying or of going crazy
Simon has over 10 year's experience working with people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. Simon will help you to explore the "Triggers" and develop coping techniques, that change the way you respond to stress and anxiety, helping you to manage the physical and emotional aspects of your life, building your confidences and give you back control. 

Stop Smoking Session: Quit the Easy Way

simon hewitt hypnotherapy stop smoking, quit the easy way, huddersfield

Award Winning Easy Quit Smoking in One Session. This program includes superb high-quality hypnotherapy techniques and clever psychological approaches to help you gain the confidence, while using positive affirmations and reinforce suggestions, helping you to make the decision to stop smoking for good.

These days many people are turning to alternative methods as a way of stopping the habit, in fact Hypnotherapy and NLP are quite common place and 100% safe and natural. One session is enough to change a person's habit and for them to quit smoking.



Fear of Flying Session

simon hewitt hypnotherapy fear of flying, huddersfield west yorkshire

According to recent studies, approximately 70% of those who suffer from a fear of flying show a lack of control, fear or have a panic attack, when travelling on an aircraft. This is due to lack of knowledge and experience.  

Using Hypnotherapy and Flying Techniques, Simon will help you to overcome this issue with relative ease.  

Public Speaking / Wedding

simon hewitt public speaking, wedding speech, huddersfield west yorkshire

Did you know that the fear of public speaking tops the list of phobias for most people? Not spiders or heights - public speaking - delivering a speech in public!

Learn to enjoy Public Speaking and become far more confident at standing in front of a group of people and delivering that perfect personal message with ease.

Simon will help you step-by-step to ensure that your speech is well presented, professional and above all... fun. .

Coping with Emotional Trauma

simon hewitt hypnotherapist coping with emotional trauma, PTSD in huddersfield

How does hypnotherapy work with emotional trauma?Whatever the experience, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you deal with trauma and 

improve the quality of your life. Emotional trauma can be the result of a stressful event that can leave a person feeling helpless, insecure and alone. Simon can tackle this problem using regression therapy, which involves taking the person back to the traumatic experience and getting the person to realise the danger is in the past and no longer exists or threat it once was.

Regression therapy has been an effective treatment for survivors of accidents, sexual assault and PTSD. It is effective for anyone who has experienced trauma. 

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