Past Life Regression Therapy

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What is Past Life Regression? Hypnotic Regression or Past Life Regression Therapy can be your path to a personal journey of inner discovery. Explore your past lives, and gain a greater understanding of yourself, and reveal the mysteries of how they influence who you are today.


Past Life Regression Huddersfield in Calderdale, is available in a manner that is personal to you.


Option One - £50

Traditional Regression, a personal one-on-one experience with your hypnotherapist.


Option Two - £70 

As Option One, but recorded and digitally mastered on Audio CD, so that

you can listen and remember your experience time and time again.


Option Three - £100

As Option One, but recorded onto DVD. Enabling you to re-capture the moments visually, experiencing every step of your past life journey, whenever you desire. 

What Is a Past Life Regression Party?

Past Life Regression Party is a great way for you and some of your friends and family to satisfy your curiosity while enjoying a great entertaining night at home.

Once everyone is comfortable, there will be a brief introduction about Hypnosis and how one can experience a past life. Each individual person will then be guided into a beautiful state of relaxation to find a positive past life to experience, while the other members of your group watch and listen.

The past life experience will last half an hour per person, and everyone will get an opportunity to experience a past life and then share and enjoy their friends experience of their past life.

Once everyone has experienced a past life, the group will be encouraged to talk about their experiences.

Although it is unusual for a person not to have a past life, there are times when it may be difficult for some people to find one. There is no guarantee that everyone at your party will find a past life.

The fee for a Past Life Regression Party is £30 per person and there is no maximum number of people who can attend. Parties normally last about 3 hours, but this can vary depending on the number of party members and most importantly, everyone must participate.

(3 hours are based on a 5-person party)

The price does not include travelling expenses, but can be discussed when booking your party.

To get in touch and arrange your own personal therapy sessions or Past Life Regression Party, please visit our Contact Page for further information.